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Six Sentence Sunday 4/10/11

Happy Six Sentence Sunday to you all! Today I’ve chosen an excerpt from book three in the Lothario series, LOVE ME TWICE, which will release on Aug. 1, 2011.
This scene takes place in the first chapter. Celeste has been aboard the Lothario for a few hours, is in the middle of a massage so relaxing she’s forgotten why she’s on board – until… You knew there was an until… didn’t you? Well, here it is – until her former spying partner/former lover becomes her masseur.


So why was she lying here letting Sean look his fill, and, she almost choked on her own spit as Sean tweaked one nipple and sent a flash of red hot need to her vagina—letting  him touch her? Oh God. His big palm curved around her breast and rolled her ample bosom, testing, before moving to the other one and repeating the process. He’d always been a breast man. If he was in the mood, he could amuse himself for a long time with a pair of breasts. He’d driven her mad more times than she could count, driven her to beg.


Six Sentence Sunday 4/3/2011

CIn honor of the new Chocolate Buffet page on my website, I offer this excerpt from THE LUST BOAT. Candace is peeved at Ryan and offers this bit of revenge as he watches her via the security camera.

Candace dipped a small brush into a bowl. She turned to the camera and held the brush to her lips. She blew against the brush, and a dark cloud settled across her torso. Chocolate. His stomach growled as he imagined licking the fine mist of chocolate off her skin. Candace drew the brush over her skin, spreading the dark brown powder over her breasts, her stomach and over her waxed mound, leaving her skin glowing where she’d embellished it.

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