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Six Sentence Sunday 9/25/11

Today’s snippet is from STILL TAKING CHANCES, my fem-dom novella that releases on Oct. 1st. That’s just six short days away!

Elgin has returned to Mary Beth’s studio, once again…

He stood docile and respectful as she bound his arms straight out from his shoulders, parallel to the floor. He’d been good about keeping his feet where she put them, so she left his legs unshackled. She could always restrain them if it became a problem. His cock was at half-mast this morning, a good sign that he was trusting her more and more. She set the alarm clock, took up her place at the workbench, and uncovered her project.
“What did you learn yesterday?”

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The most fun review- EVER!

This is just too much fun not to share!

Bookin’ It Reviews – Book Reviews: Book Flick Reading (19) Love Me Twice by Roz lee

Bookin’ It Reviews – Book Reviews: Book Flick Reading (19) Love Me Twice by Roz lee: (My weekly blog hop is just below this post) It’s Friday and that means it’s time for another Book Flick Reading! As always, please remembe…

PHS’ 75 Silent Auction to benefit Kathy Rodgers Lomax

Plano High School, Plano, Texas. Class of 1975

Many of you know I’ve been working on putting together a bid item for a silent auction that will be held at my high school reunion next month. The proceeds of the auction are going to help one of our classmates who has been stricken with a rare condition that has deprived her of the use of her legs. Months of tests, hospital stays and physical therapy have taken a toll on her finances. As the owner/operator of a mobile pet grooming business, she has been unable to work since earlier this year.
Kathy is the kind of person who would help any of us if we were in need, so it is no hardship for us to help her now.
My idea was to ask a few writer friends to contribute a book or two for the auction. In a matter of hours, I had so many writers asking how they could donate both print and eBooks, that I was overwhelmed. How does one auction off a great number of eBooks? The solution was to purchase a new Kindle and load all the donated books on it. Then, some of the fabulous authors who sent downloads of their work, asked if they would have a chance to bid on the Kindle.
Well…after speaking with the lovely women coordinating the auction, the answer is – Yes!
Below is a detailed list of the content currently on the Kindle. There are, at this point, 45 books on the device, and the combined value of the Kindle and content is $268.35. More content may be added before the auction takes place on Oct. 8th.
How to bid on the Kindle –
     Review the description of the Kindle and its content. (Listed below)
2)      Email your MAXIMUM BID (this is the highest amount you are willing to pay for this item) to this address –

Put the word BID in the subject line of your email

Deadline – Absentee bids will be accepted up until Midnight (Central Time), Oct. 7th, 2011.

Bids received by email will be sealed in individual envelopes by the class secretary, and will not be opened until bidding has closed at the event.

If the winning bid is from an absentee bidder, the winner will be notified by email on or before Oct. 9th, 2011 and given instructions on how to make payment. (The class has a PayPal acct.)

The Kindle will be shipped to the winner as soon as payment is received.
If you have questions, feel free to email me at
Again, thanks so much to everyone who has contributed to this cause. For those of you who sent print books, and a lot of you did, they will be put into a separate bid item to be auctioned off at the event on Oct. 8th.
Kindle Content – Silent Auction Item, PHS ’75 to benefit Kathy Rodgers Lomax
Title of Book/Author                                                                                                                                                   
The Lust Boat by Roz Lee                                                                                                                                     
Show Me The Ropes  by Roz Lee                                                                                       
Love Me Twice by Roz Lee                                                                                
Still Taking Chances  by Roz Lee                                                                                      
Kick It Up  by Carol Ericson                                                             
Dangerous Race  by  Dee J. Adams                                                     
A Dozen Deadly Roses   by  Kathy Bennett                                                    
Torn Asunder  by Kiki Howell                                                                
The Sorcerer’s Songs  by Kiki Howell                                                                 
Dawg Town: Hustle   by Anne Kane                                                               
Shifting Priorities   by Anne Kane                                                                
Catastrophe   by Sharon Buchbinder                                                 
Bonded For Life (Class of 85)  by Sharon Buchbinder                                                
An Inn Decent Proposal  by  Sharon Buchbinder                                        
Desire and Deception  by Sharon Buchbinder                                        
The Lake Placid Cure  by  Sharon Buchbinder                                             
Pigmalion   by  Sharon Buchbinder                                                
Kiss of the Silver Wolf  by Sharon Buchbinder                                                
Sail My Oceans   by  D.F. Krieger                                                               
A Wicked Encounter by  SammyJo Hunt                                                        
Now and Forever (Callie’s Story) by Jean C. Joachim
Now and Forever 1 (A Love Story) by Jean C. Joachim                                                                
Moonlight and Roses by Jean C. Joachim
Sunny Days, Moonlit Nights  by Jean C. Joachim                                                                
Madame Bree and the Sheriff   by  Jodi Olson                                                          
Storm’s Obsession   by  Jodi Olson                                                          
When We Meet Again  by  Dawne M. Prochilo                                        
Crape Myrtle  by  Dawne M. Prochilo                                          
The Crystal Warrior  by  Maree Anderson                                             
Scent of a Man  by  Maree Anderson                                             
Bittersweet Obsessions  by Annie Rayburn                                                
Phantoms And Fantasies  by  Annie Rayburn                                                 
Up On the Housetop(The Kyron Wolf Pack) by Suzanne Rock                                                   
Bound By Design  by  Natasha Moore                                                                
Smoke and Mirrors  by Natasha Moore                                                               
Laird of Darkness   by  Nicole North                                                      
Blade of the Wolf  by  Nicole North                                                    
My Wild Highlander  by Vonda Sinclair                                                   
My Fierce Highlander by  Vonda Sinclair                                                   
My Dates With the Dom by Eden Elgabari
The Tantric Principle by Jennifer Probst
Juliette by Candace Smith
Miranda’s Destiny by Candace Smith
Love’s Master by Gabrielle Bisset
Masquerade by Gabrielle Bisset                                                 
45 Books – Value of Content 154.35* (Based on current Amazon price, or Publisher website)

Value of Kindle   114.00 (Kindle, Wi-Fi, 6″ E Ink Pearl Display – includes Special Offers & Sponsored Screensavers

Total Value                         $268.35
*Additional content may be added prior to auction

Six Sentence Sunday 9/4/11

Here’s a little snippet from my latest release, book three in the Lothario series, LOVE ME TWICE.

Celeste was having a massage, until Sean arrived…

Oh what that man could do with just one finger. It ought to be illegal. Probably was in some states.
His touch was so light he probably wasn’t even leaving a trail of DNA behind. No evidence. Nothing to convict him of the crime. Thanks to the satin blindfold, she couldn’t even claim to be an eyewitness, but her body knew. The traitorous bitch.

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Winners – Sultry Summer Nights: Ignite Your Passions Blog Hop Tour

Congratulations to Beverly G. and Jennifer L. who are the randomly chosen winners from last weeks blog hop!

So sorry to take so long making the announcement. Irene shut down my power, and as of a few minutes ago, it is still out. Thanks to a generator that operates the refrigerator, well pump and a few lights, we’ve managed. But…I was in need of a hot shower and internet access, so I’m spending the night in a hotel before I head off to CA tomorrow for the fall and winter.

So, Beverly G won her choice of books from the Lothario series. She chose THE LUST BOAT, and that is now on its way to her.

Jennifer L won the cookbook, KINKY KUPCAKES. Jennifer, check your spam folder for my email! I need a snail mail address!!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the blog hop. I hope you all made out like bandits from all the fabulous authors!

More fun is on the way, so stay tuned!