Silent Auction Wrap-Up

Earlier this month, I attended a reunion with my high school friends. Much has happened to us since leaving the hallowed halls of Plano High School, but for the most part, we have persevered and thrived. We’ve all had our ups and downs, so when the ‘down’ of one of our own came to our attention, we rallied to do what we could to help.

Our classmate, Kathy Rodgers Lomax lost the use of her legs. Months of hospital visits, tests and a parade of doctors couldn’t come up with a diagnosis, much less a cure. As the owner of her own mobile pet grooming business, she is uninsured. Months without working put an end to her business, and as we know, that means a loss of income as well. With a reunion on the horizon, the class decided to turn the event into a fund raiser for Kathy.

A silent auction was planned, and wanting to do my part, I put out a call to my fellow Romance authors for donations. I shouldn’t have been surprised by the response, but it overwhelmed me! Offers came in from friends, and friends of friends. Soon, I had more eBooks than I knew what to do with, so I purchased a Kindle and loaded them all on it. (45 books in all). A good number of print books showed up on my doorstep, and I decided to split them into four smaller bid items.

I can’t say enough thanks to all the wonderful authors who sent their works. The event raised $5770.10 to help Kathy with her medical bills. I don’t have an exact total on my bid items, but I do know all five went for more than their retail value of $493.

So…thank you all for your generous contributions to the cause. Romance authors are an incredible bunch, and I’m honored to call you my friends.

Kindle + 45 eBooks

His and Hers Reading w/ books by Lynn Marshall and Robert Wacaster

Pure Romance w/ books by Charlene Sands, Robert Wacaster, and others.

Historical Romances by Alice Gaines and others.

Candlelight & Roses w/ books by Eden Bradley/ Kiki Howell, Christine Ashworth, and others.

Me, with Kathy & Graham Lomax
Here’s a list (in no particular order) of all the fabulous authors who sent me one or more books, as well as other goodies to include in the baskets. I can’t thank you enough!
Carol Ericson
Dee J. Adams
Kathy Bennett
Kiki Howell
Eden Bradley/Eve Berlin
Anne Kane
Sharon Buchbinder
D.F. Krieger
SammyJo Hunt
Jean C. Joachim
Jodi Olson
Dawne M. Prochilo
Maree Anderson
Annie Rayburn
Suzanne Rock
Natasha Moore
Nicole North
Vonda Sinclair
Eden Elgabari
Gabrielle Bisset
Candace Smith
Jennifer Probst
Robert Wacaster
Lynne Marshall
Christine Ashworth
Charlene Sands
Alice Gaines

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