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Show Me The Ropes – Book Trailer


Six Sentence Sunday 6/12/11

This is an excerpt from the second book in the Lothario series, SHOW ME THE ROPES. Richard has gifted Fallon with a rope ensemble.


His hands skimmed her midriff, across the swell of her hips, pausing to test the rope at her waist. His fingers swept across her abdomen and brushed across the top of her mound. Glory to God she was beautiful. He couldn’t wait to see her body criss-crossed with more ropes. One hand cupped her. She trembled again, and he fought the need to take her right then. 

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Six Sentence Sunday 3/27/11

Today I’ve chosen the header for Chapter One of SHOW ME THE ROPES. Each chapter begins with an excerpt from Fallon’s file on Richard Wolfe. Here’s the first entry…

He introduced me to his partner, a pretty young woman, age 25. She did a good job of looking nervous, but I’ve seen that look before. She didn’t need me to tell her how to suck his cock, but who was I to judge? Maybe I could teach her something about fellatio she didn’t know. Doubtful, but possible.
From the file labeled, “Subject M5, Richard Wolfe”

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