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The most fun review- EVER!

This is just too much fun not to share!

Six Sentence Sunday 9/4/11

Here’s a little snippet from my latest release, book three in the Lothario series, LOVE ME TWICE.

Celeste was having a massage, until Sean arrived…

Oh what that man could do with just one finger. It ought to be illegal. Probably was in some states.
His touch was so light he probably wasn’t even leaving a trail of DNA behind. No evidence. Nothing to convict him of the crime. Thanks to the satin blindfold, she couldn’t even claim to be an eyewitness, but her body knew. The traitorous bitch.

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Six Sentence Sunday 8/21/11

Thanks for stopping by today. This little snippet is from the third book in the Lothario Series, LOVE ME TWICE. Celeste is having dinner with Sean after five years of separation.

They’d always been easy together, and it was good to know that hadn’t changed. Celeste watched Sean. She catalogued the new lines on his face, and remembered how he’d gotten the small scar near his left ear. They had a lot of history together, and she’d never be able to let that go completely. But the intervening years had changed them both, maybe in a good way, maybe not. That had yet to be seen.

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Blogging at Fresh Fiction

You won’t want to miss this. I’m revealing one of my deepest darkest secrets. You’ll only see it here, this one time, unless you’re a Peeping Tom!

Dance Like No One is Watching!

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LOVE ME TWICE – Release Party Winner

Congratulations to June M! She is the winner of the LOVE ME TWICE release party giveaway! She will receive 52 Weeks of Passionate Sex!

Thanks to everyone who participated!

Roz Lee

Six Sentence Sunday 8/7/11

Thanks for stopping in today! These six are from LOVE ME TWICE, my latest release. Drew has wanted to be with Celeste for years, and now he has his chance…

“Let me love you tonight, Celeste. Let me touch you.” He rose on one elbow and let his free hand stroke from her throat to her stomach. Her eyes never left his, and he knew she was searching for answers there, answers he didn’t have.
“I won’t hurt you, I promise. I just need to touch you.”

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Book Release Party!

Today, LOVE ME TWICE, the third book in the Lothario series, sets sail. In honor of that auspicious occasion, I’m having a party on my website this week. Stop in and leave a message for a chance to win this wonderful ‘spice up your sex life’ kit! It reminds me of the welcome baskets every passenger receives when they sail on the Lothario, aka The Lust Boat.

This kit guarantees you 52 weeks of wild, cruise ship worthy pleasure. That’s a whole year, just in case you haven’t noticed!

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3) Wait patiently until Sunday, Aug. 7th. That’s when I’ll use to select a winner.

Easy-peasy, don’t you think?

Bon Voyage!

Six Sentence Sunday 7/31/11

Wow! I can’t believe July has come and gone! Tomorrow is the long awaited (at least by me) release of book three in the Lothario Series, LOVE ME TWICE. In honor of this momentous occasion, today’s six are from this super fabulous story. Okay, my opinion, but see if you don’t agree.

Sean’s thoughts as Celeste approaches…

She looked like sin on a mission. That her mission didn’t include him made him physically ill. His heart raced like a thoroughbred on steroids, and then it stopped cold as she made her way across the room. The dress he’d chosen for her days ago, when he was certain she would choose him, skimmed her curves like a moonless midnight sky over the landscape. He didn’t need moonlight, any light, to navigate those curves. His hands, his body, knew them intimately.

LOVE ME TWICE – available tomorrow from Red Sage Publishing.
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Six Sentence Sunday 7/10/11

Thanks for stopping by! Today, I’ve chosen another snippet  from the third book in the Lothario Series, LOVE ME TWICE, which releases Aug. 1, 2011.

“Come here, Celeste.”
Her core melted at the familiar command. How many times had he said those words, and how many times had she obeyed? Too many to count. No, I won’t give in, I won’t submit. She knew it was a lie as her feet betrayed her.

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LOVE ME TWICE – Book Trailer